• Journal

We hand picked these Furoshiki from Kyoto while we were in Japan earlier this month. Furoshiki — traditional Japanese cloths used to wrap and/or transport goods — play a beautiful role in Japan’s history, dating back as far as the Nara period (710-794). A Furoshiki could perhaps be the most versatile piece of cloth you own. I learned this when I watched the store clerk demonstrate countless ways of tying the cloth, to carry a lunch, to wrap a gift, to sling over your shoulder, to carry on your wrist. She grinned back at the customer who watched in awe — the customer coming up with new situations, the clerk bouncing back with a new tie, barely looking down as her hands worked magic. Japan has an abundance of people who are passionate about niche things — the focus and dedication is admirable to someone like me who comes from a place where passions are scattered amongst hobbies, businesses, clients. This holiday season we won’t be doing a sale for OEM. Bottom line is, we’re a small business and we just can’t afford to do it. But also, we believe our products are worth every penny. We’ve invested so much into the development of these products and the brand that houses them and we’re so proud of the outcome. Instead, we will be hand wrapping any order over $100 (our new Incense Holder, Care Pack, and Hinoki Pack are great items that qualify) with the Furoshiki we picked out. We’ll also provide a blank card so that you can personalize a message to your loved one if you decide to gift it.