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All we want to do is build things. Kids with legos. But seeing an idea come to life has a price tag, and after a while you start to see your ceiling — there’s no time, not enough money, you aren’t good enough… What if we push an idea all the way to the cusp of reality. Let it teeter on that edge. We’ll sit on our cliff with one finger at its back. Maybe a crowd will form down below, ready to catch it. First time we met Vadik was at a coffee shop in Hollywood. We talked about being immigrants and dealing with visas, Rivians, our upcoming trade show, audio helmets, a future that felt out of reach. His calm demeanor and thoughtful responses made everything feel more attainable. The OEM + Vadik “Frequency” PDF explores a few of these ideas — for the individual, for your environment, for the community, and for the world. We imagine an experience that isn’t just about healing the self. It’s about creating a healthier life for everyone.

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